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Scratchtown is the brainchild of Gavin Morrison (guitar) and Dave Lupien (harmonica). The two met when Gavin heard a band playing in the park near his house. The distinctive sound of a blues harp is what caught his ear.  Gavin had been searching for a harmonica player to collaborate with on a new recording project.  He made his way to the park and approached Dave during a break. The two exchanged numbers and 6 months later they were in the studio recording their first release.  The songs were written and recorded simultaneously. Dave would record some harmonica lines to a prerecorded drum track and Gavin would add the guitar, bass and keyboards. After about a week of fitting all the pieces together the track would be 90% complete except for some finishing touches.

While recording the CD Gavin began treating a patient at his physical therapy clinic named Steve Effinger. While Steve was on the treatment table during his first visit he mentioned that he played Hammond organ. 3 weeks later Steve brought his organ to the clinic and the subsequent recording session confirmed that Scratchtown officially had three members.

After a year and a half of writing and recording Scratchtown’s first CD was finished and was off to be pressed. From there the story is to be continued….

Album Credits:

  • Gavin Morrison: Guitar, harmonica, keyboards
  • David Lupien: Blues Harp solos
  • Steve Effinger: Hammond Organ solos
  • Andrew Courtens: Organ solo on Bad Ass
  • Phil Robertson: Drums on Bad Ass

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