Autonomous Recordings is an independent production company and record label created by writer producer Gavin Morrison. It was created primarily as an avenue for releasing the growing number of independent recording projects that Gavin is involved in.

Gavin studied music at University of California at Santa Cruz and The Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He worked as a full-time producer engineer in New York City for nine years before returning to his hometown of Seattle to study physical therapy at the University of Washington. He subsequently downsized to Boise Idaho and now, in addition to writing and producing he owns and operates two physical therapy clinics.

Gavin’s musical influences are Pat Metheny, Jean Luc Ponty, Mark Knopfler and Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as Kevin Yost, Frankie Knuckles, other deep jazz house recording artists. In addition to writing and recording music he enjoys Tai Chi, kiteboarding and snow skiing.

Contact info: Luckypeak22@gmail.com